Faden Quartz


Faden Quartz

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Faden Quartz is a highly programmable crystal and can amplify and activate ones healing capacity. It can also be programmed for multiple uses such as healing, accessing one or more of the higher planes, protection, chakra balancing and more. Because of their high energy they retain their programming for long periods of time without needing to be recharged. If you wish to change the programming of a Faden Quartz crystal it must first be cleared of old programs. This can be done by using white sage to cleanse the stone. Faden Quartz is used for physical, mental, emotional stability and assists in removing unhealthy emotional attachments. It is a stone of connections such as spiritual or relationship connections between one and another. It is a protection crystal and can be programmed to provide protection from physical disruption, both for individuals and for places. It is ideal for consciousness expansion and accessing any of the higher vibrational planes. It is excellent for physical healing of bone breaks, muscle tears, facilitates mending on all levels, surgery and rejuvenation from any disorder. Faden Quartz is associated with all chakras and can integrate and activate all of them.


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