Usui Reiki and Crystal Healing

Usui Reiki and Crystal Healing

Usui Reiki and Crystal Healing



Usui Reiki


What is Usui Reiki?

Reiki translates as Universal life force energy.  Reiki Energy is used to bring about balance and harmony within the energy field.  If there is too much energy or too little in a particular area there is potential of illness, whether mental, emotional, pyhsical or spiritual.   

By using Reiki the Practitioner transmits the energy by placing their hands either on you or within your etheric field, giving you a more balanced energy allowing the potential for your own self healing. 

Reiki is pure unconditional love, it gives you the potential to change and move forward especially when you feel stuck.

We have a few therapists who are Reiki Masters and teach Reiki as either one to one sessions or in small groups.

Not only can you book treatments at the centre you can also join our Reiki share groups if you wish. You do not need to be Reiki trained to join this group.  These are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6.45 pm til 9pm, but should you wish to be trained, details of which can be found on our Events, Courses and Workshops diary.

Please call the shop on 024 76341 688 to book your place.


Crystal Healing Treatment 


Crystals have been used for many years in healing and talismans.  

It is a well known fact that crystals emit pizoelectric energy.  This energy helps to restore balance within your energy field giving a deep relaxation and enabling you to access the potential for your own self healing. 

Treatments are done by donation to one of the centres charities. 

"An introduction to Crystal Healing" Workshops are also held throughout the year in Crystal Healing.  These are not accredited courses so no practitioner certificates will be given. 


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