We are lucky to have a selection of readers who come into the shop on alternate Saturdays and occassionally in the week, booking is essential.  The readings cost £30 for a full reading or £7 for Tea Leaf Reading (£2 of which goes to centre charities).

Our Readers are:


Ann Whordley, offers Tarot and Tea Leaf readings. The Tea Leaf readings are once a month on a Friday between 10.30am and 2pm . Ann donates £2.00 of each Tea Leaf reading to one of the centres chosen charities.

Anns dates within the shop are:-

Tea Leaf Readings last for approximately 20 minutes.

19th January,            16th February,            2nd March

13th April                   4th May                     15th June

6th July                      3rd August                14th September

5th October               2nd November           7th December


Tarot Readings:-

27th January,              3rd February,           24th March  

28th April,                    26th May,                30th June

28th July,                    11th August,             29th September

13th October               17th November        Friday 14th December


Dawn Reader, offers Clairvoyant readings. As well as offering readings on a one to one basis, Dawn often supports the centres Clairvoyant evenings, in which money is raised for one of the centres chosen charities.

Reading Dates

Saturday 20th January,           Friday 26th January,

Friday 9th  February,              Saturday 24th February

Friday 9th March                    Saturday 31st March

Saturday 14th April                Friday 27th April

Saturday 12th May                Saturday 19th May

Friday 8th June                      Saturday 23rd June

Friday 14th July                     Saturday 27th July

Friday 17th August                Saturday 25th August

Friday 7th September            Saturday 22nd September

We are still awaiting for dates in October, November and December, occassionally extra dates so please check with the shop when calling.


Elaine offers Angel Energy readings which encourage positive affirmations for whatever challenges you may face. 

Saturday dates for Elaine are:-

13th January,                10th February,                       3rd March

10th March                   7th April,                                 5th May,                               

2nd June                       7th July,                                 4th August,                           

1st September              6th October,                           3rd November,                     

1st December,

Monday dates are 

5th March                      12th March

Please note, all dates listed for Readers are subject to change should there be unforseen circumstances.