We have a variety of treatments on offer within the shop.

These include:


Crystal Healing

Bowen Therapy

Spiritual Mentoring

Chakra re-balancing

Past Life Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Lymphatic Drainage

For any other treatments please contact the shop to discuss.





We have a variety of readers available who offer either Mediumship, Tarot or Oracle Cards readings.

These last approximately 35 minutes to 45 mins and cost £30.00.



As an Holistic Centre, we hold regular workshops and courses to suit everyone's needs whether it be for personal enjoyment or self development.

Topics include:

Bach Flower Remedies

Introduction to Oracle Cards

Summer/Winter Solstice

Introduction to Auras

Crystal Healing


Chakras & Colour Healing

Manifestation & Abundance

Hopi Ear Candling


Spiritual Mentoring

Here at Earth Spirit Crystals we have a holistic approach encompassing mind, body and spirit.  We cover every aspect of feeding the soul.

We offer meditation, coaching, mentoring and holistic therapies which include Usui and Seichem Reiki, crystal healing, massage and past life work.

  • Have you spent months, years, even decades wondering if this is what your life is?
  • Did you grow up believing in fairy tales, only to be faced with the harsh reality as an adult?
  • Do you find yourself lying awake wondering 'is this it?'
  • Is the frustration, confusion and overwhelm seeping into all areas of your life?
  • Do you find yourself wondering if there's something better?
  • Are you scared you might never be truly happy again?


Before you can create change in your world, change has to happen inside YOU.  That change is learning to love yourself.

You cannot expect anyone else to love you, as you need and want to be loved, if you don't first Love Yourself.

Kate is here to help you, she offers Spiritual Mentoring to her clients.  Kate helps you to start building a foundation of self love, self worth and self respect within your life.  She helps you to understand who you truly are, how to recognise your true self.

reiki hands of light

What is Reiki?


The spiritual healing art of Reiki works by channelling positive energy into your body, with Reiki masters and practitioners typically placing their hands on, or near to the affected areas of the body that need assistance.  By offering this energy, your body takes it in where most needed.

This powerful flow of positive energy may bring a near immediate sensation of relief as it releases tension, lessens the impact of stress and replaces negative energy with positive.

Some refer to this positive Reiki energy as  life force, and indeed it can bring new life to a stressed-out, tired body.

Reiki is a wonderful treatment to help you relax, re-energise and re-align your chakras, if you are feeling out of sorts then this treatment really does help.  Our Centre charges £25.00 for these treatments and they last approximately 30-45 minutes.

Once a month we also have a Reiki Share in the evening run by Jacqui.  These shares are run on a donation basis, again to one of the Centre's charities.  The evening starts at 6.45 pm and finishes about 9pm.

Workshops and Courses

As an Holistic Centre, we like to be able to offer a wide range of workshops and courses in various subjects.

So if you are wanting to train in Reiki or gain further knowledge of Aromatherapy, the Moon Cycles or even  Oracle Cards, then there are various dates throughout the year for which these workshops.

Full details will be on our Workshops page on this site as well as our Facebook page.