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What September Energies and heaven have in store for you

A meeting of Mercury and Mars and the best views of Neptune in the skies are all lined up for us this September.

We have a super new moon on 30th August 2019 this can create storms within and out, and literally bring geophysical stress up until the end of 2 September 2019. It’s important to live and ground yourself in the now, make sure your base/root chakras are in good order and balanced, carry around with you balancing and grounding crystals. A new energy is rising which we have to adjust too. It brings to the fore emotional wisdom and inner alignment as Uranus aligns with Virgo. Time and karma are in charge and we have until January 2020 to grow, simply put spirituality meets reality.

So on this new moon it’s essential to have a clear out, de-clutter, get rid of everything with a bad/negative energy, especially things connected with ex’s.

We have a harvest full moon on 14th September 2019 on this full moon it’s good to cleanse yourself and release all fears holding you back. The harvest moon tends to be large and more colourful than other full moons. It’s a time of crop collections of celebration, singing and dancing at the harvest.

On September 17th September 2019 there is a line up in the sky, best seen in the very early morning, as a diagonal line of Mercury, Mars, Regalus, Venus and the crescent moon are in view. From September 18th 2019 for 2 weeks we can see zodiacal lights which are dust particles lit by the planets etc at this time, you can see a faint pyramid shape in the east just above the horizon.

Libra the sign of balance begins on 23 September 2019, it is also the autumnal equinox. This is the time when the earth tilts away from the sun now and we have equal day and night. So share a party with friends and loved ones, remember even as nights draw in and it starts to grow colder it is a time of rebirth.

September 28th new moon is a time for hard work, roll up your sleeves and get to work on all those things you set in play on the full moon (back on the 14th September), you need to put the effort in now in order to draw later.

The full moon on October 13th is all about abundance in life and especially the finances. So, write those abundance cheques and set your intentions.

Note mercury goes retrograde again on Halloween 31st October 2019, so watch out in digital communication, double check everything to avoid miss communications! This lasts until 20th November 2019. It brings arguments and misunderstandings, try not to confront anyone at this time or make big decisions.

Look for Neptune in the constellation of Aquarius, in early September, it sits opposite the sun in the night sky and will be visible all night long, as it takes a closest approach to the earth. Look to the southeast and note a blue dot which is brighter than the stars around it.

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