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What is your face trying to tell you?

In traditional Chinese medicine skin issues on certain areas of the face point to different internal systems and organs.  So if you have a spot which constantly appears in the same place time and time again what is it trying to tell you?

Looking at the chin and jaw line areas, these areas relate to hormones. So everything which effects hormones, like stress, menstrual cycles, birth control medication, diet & the gut.  Eating too much sugar in our diet effects the gut which in turn upsets hormones and this shows in our skin in this area. Some experience break outs in this area during monthly cycles. Stress effects the body in all areas, but again shows in the face in these areas, if we are stressed out, as well as causing inflammation.

What about our eyes? Puffiness of the eyes can be associated with the health of our kidneys. Poor diet can contribute to dark circles around the eyes, as well as lack of sleep. Even caffeine and alcohol can cause inflammation around the eye area due to overloading kidneys and liver.

Our forehead is linked to digestive issues. So, gut and stress issues show on the forehead. Food intolerances like dairy for instance, show around the temples and rashes on the forehead are linked to allergens.

Our cheeks are exposed to endless germs from our hands on our face, bed sheets and pillowcases and of course our phones, all of which carry bacteria which ends up on the skin. As a rule, environmental issues show in rosacea (which is a pinking, flushing of the skin across cheeks and the nose). So simple sensitivity here can be connected to air pollution and this is connected to the lung meridian.

Stress and fatigue in general can upset the oil glands known as sebaceous glands which are concentrated in the t zone area so over produce can cause break outs.

There are many more facts in the face and Chinese facial analysis is something I have studied as part of Chinese traditional medicine, so may be your face is telling you something.

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