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What does October have in Store for you?

I hope you’re ready for a roller coaster as there will be change, love, passion and chaos this month.

With the passing of Septembers autumn equinox, and the arrival of the seventh sign of the zodiac Libra, October is a month of transition and change as we slip into autumn with a change of season.

Those of you who are visiting down south or live down south will have a chance to see the space station as it passes over the UK.

We have the moons first quarter on 6th October, followed by the full moon on 14th October, and the new moon on 28th October. So perform your rituals as we practised in the various moon workshops we do.

You had the opportunity of great healing on the last new moon on 28th September, so you will feel the benefits if you did this and will be given opportunities if you are open to spot these. So look out for the opportunities sent your way. On this month’s full moon we have the opportunity to be brave and courageous, in order to obtain something we have desired for a very long time.

So this month is a great time for transformation and healing and as we move into Scorpio from mid month we will be both intense and passionate. So is this the time for you to find a partner/lover? Don’t make that decision until the end of the month.

We will see 2 meteor showers this month with The Draconids and The Orionids. The winter constellation of Andromeda should be visible in the north east from the 1st October and on the 15th October 2019 you will see the Andromeda galaxy and triangulum galaxy together in the night sky.

See Jupiter close to the crescent moon on 3rd October 2019. Saturn is low in the sky now and can be seen above Sagittarius in the south west while if you look southeast towards the constellations of Cassiopeia and Perseus. Algol the demon star can be seen in Perseus.

On the 5th October you can see Saturn low in the South after sunset on the left of the first quarter moon. The Draconids meteor shower reaches its peak on 9th October 2019, whereas The Orionids which is a more active meteor shower seen emerging from Orion between 15th and 30th October and peaks on 21st of October. Uranus reaches opposition on 28th October. On the 3rd October after sunset low in the south-west you will be able to see Jupiter to the left of the waxing crescent moon.

We will all feel the influence of Libra, bringing balance, action and social ability until we move into Scorpio on October 24th.   You may have been feeling romantic or light-hearted with the influence of Venus.

We all are going to be searching for balance in our lives for the next 4 weeks. We will embrace our artistic sides in all areas and become more chatty and social. There will be upheaval as we try to find balance which includes hard work and commitment. We will change our minds and decisions before reaching our point of balance we are seeking.

Mercury goes retrograde from the 31st October to 20th November 2019. When retrograde it is said that the area of life it governs goes into a resting/sleeping state.

The messenger planet of mercury could bring arguments and misunderstandings as it rules all matters of communication and when in its retrograde state so resting it brings chaos.

So you should put off making big decisions, confronting people or problems even and many avoid travel too at this time.

Enjoy your October make good decisions, work and play hard,

See you in the shop Jacqui x

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