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What can you expect this July as both the New and Full Moon this month hearld Eclipses?

Eclipses, of which, we have two this July are powerful and dramatic, they can bring about twists and turns, challenges and shifts. Change happens around these, which can catch you by surprise. They give you the opportunity to heal and clear all old energetic debris. Although we will not see these here in the UK we will certainly feel them. (Learn more about this on my moon energy workshops running through the autumn)

We meet our July’s new moon which will be in the sign of Cancer on 2 July 2019, this is a time for home and love. A new moon brings about creativity, a time to plant your intentions for the things you want from life and to align yourself with the moon energies to aid the growth of these seeds to reality. A new moon effects our emotional body and gives us dark energy (yin) A great time for anything new, new projects, new jobs, new goals etc.

All those who have learnt the new moon rituals with me, now is the time to prepare your ritual of choice. (There are more moon workshops to come later this year at Earth Spirit Crystals, so watch our events calendar). We also have a solar eclipse on the same day as this new moon, bringing our emotions to the fore and those random surprises to catch us off guard.

By the time we reach the 7 July 2019 our foe mercury goes retrograde, so be patient avoid those legal documents and signing of anything significant.

The Full moon on 16th July 2019 is known as a Thunder Moon (or Buck Moon, and with this one we have a partial lunar eclipse as well. The full moon effects the physical and brings us light energy (yang). It heightens our senses with intense thoughts, feelings and behaviour. A powerful time for meditation, transformation, abundance and healing. (Again if you attended my full moon workshop choose a ritual to conduct).

Then get the party started as we enter Leo on 22 July 2019, so get dressed up and shake that booty and enjoy the moment, as the mighty lion roars in.

At the end of the month we prepare for two new moons within the month of August on the 1st and 30th of the month, So as we see July out, try performing some intentions, rituals, prayers and affirmations if you want to advance your career with a promotion or a new role. Use this time for reflection to set your goals and intentions for the up coming new moons and what you want to create in life and desire.

Enjoy July and happy birthday to the cancerians out there

Author Jacqui of Earth Spirit Crystals

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