Unique Massage and what they do.

Written by Jacqui

Massages come in many shapes and forms and they aim to relax the body and mind by using different strokes, techniques, pressures and oils. A massage can also be advanced by the use of specially designed tools like hot stones, wave stone, cold stones, bamboo sticks, herb compresses and others.

You could be looking for a massage just for relaxation or you may be putting physical strain on your body through work, hobbies or sports. You may even be looking for some simple ‘me time’, allowing you to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Massage will restore you, rejuvenate, relax and refresh you.

As a very experienced massage therapist I can offer a gentle aromatherapy massage to a hard pressure deep tissue and sports massage, the list goes on.

Try hot stones: a natural therapy where smooth surfaced stones are gently heated and used to massage where they relax muscles. Great for people who have very physical jobs or who take part in a lot of sport. I use basalt stones and the heat from these volcanic rocks deeply penetrates into the muscle to soothe away stress and relax.

Also hollow bamboo canes are good for releasing tension and knots. Thai herbal compresses which are heated and placed on accupressure points to stimulate whilst soothing muscles when used in massage strokes. Even soy candle massage, where soy candles are melted containing nourishing and relaxing oils and pored over the body before being massaged into the skin with various techniques to help clients relax.

Pregnancy massage a specialist massage which is the only massage which should be given to pregnant ladies.

Manual lymphatic drainage which assists the lymph system and stimulates the immune system.  Myofascial release which releases the fascias of the body to relaxing muscles and stop cycles of pain. There are many massages from Indian head through to sports massage all have a place depending on your specific need.

The aim of a massage is to release muscle tension and tightness as well as, improve circulation and lymphatic flow in order for the body to detoxify. It also improves overall balance and well being by activating accupressure/reflexology points in the body.

There are so many techniques and massages that I do from years of experience in this area, from a simple back massage, back, neck and shoulder massage, or a full body massage, a foot massage, facial massage, head massage and hand massage.

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