It is extremely important to us to give a great service to everyone no matter who they are or, what their background is.

So if you have visited our shop, had a treatment or reading we would love your feedback. Thank you – The Earth Spirit Crystals Team.

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  1. Lisa says:

    After visiting a well being and spiritualist event I was curious to find out more about reiki, having witnessed a display session from a far. I’d visited the shop a few times and had always felt a warm and welcoming atmosphere, so decided to enquire. I booked my first reiki session with Kate and can honestly say I’ve never looked back. I’ve been having reiki for about six months and have loved the benefits so much that I’ve enrolled a course myself.
    Imagine that ‘ahhhh’ feeling after a glass or two….. that reiki without the drink!

  2. Lisa x says:

    Spiritual Mentoring.
    Approaching a milestone birthday I’d made the conscious decision to take care of my well being and mental health. In my late teens, early twenties I’d been inquisitive about spiritualism, becoming a mum, wife and homemaker I put my curiosities to one side.
    More recently after having some reiki sessions and meditating at home my interest in spiritualism has rekindled.
    Spiritual Mentoring sessions have helped me to realise my self worth and confidence. It’s taken time and practice to undo the negative conditioning so many of us are programmed to believe.
    Kate has absolutely helped me to change my life!

    1. EarthSpiritCrystals says:

      Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for your lovely feedback it really does mean a lot to me. Kate x

  3. Eileen says:

    Spiritual Mentoring
    Sometimes life is NOT like a bowl of cherries and it takes a bit more than a chocolate bar to put it right! This is where Kate comes in. I’m sure a few of you reading this will remember a chocolate advert with a very relaxed rabbit holding a bar of caramel? Well this is Kate, calm personified. After a few traumatic months and feeling a bit like a boat drifting on the sea, I decided enough was enough and embarked on a therapy course with Jacqueline at the Earth Spirit and Crystals Shop in Nuneaton. Here I met Kate. She is such a warm, caring person that I soon found myself talking about the last few months and beyond. I booked onto her 1:1 Spiritual Mentoring sessions and I haven’t looked back. I feel like I’ve come alive again. Her knowledge and passion to want to help people achieve their personal best is inspirational. She’s non-judgemental, giving advice which is both practical and from the heart. She listens, offering tissues (there will be a few tears as we let go) remaining calm and grounded – just what a drifting boat needs 🙂 So if you are feeling like you’ve lost your direction, taken a wrong turning or forgotten who YOU are, book on the 1:1 Spiritual Mentoring with Kate and start to be happy again. Thank you, Kate for helping me smile again – inside and out!

    1. EarthSpiritCrystals says:

      Hi Eileen thank you for your feedback. Your comments truly do mean a lot to me. Kate x

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