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Stars for November

The sun is in the water sign of Scorpio as the suns power declines and the power of the dark grow stronger which shows in all living waters, as mother earth calls the energies to ground.

Respond to this seasonal energy by withdrawing and attending to your deepest souls needs, you know what these are as they raise up continually. You need to clear out the clutter on all levels in the mind, and the physical in order to feed the new growth that’s needed at this time.

November is full of difficult decisions, tough times and measures, but Neptune brings healing from around 6th of the month. From the full moon on the 12th Mars provokes Jupiter which you need courage for in order to move forward. It’s time to take some risks. But beware you could become overwhelmed or get swept away very easily, as this could entice a betrayal or a loss.

Romance from the 15th onwards as Venus travels through Sagittarius with yearning for togetherness coming to the fore. Mars enters Scorpio on the 19th so things you had planned get put on hold, watch out for someone playing tactics. Venus closes on a beneficial conjunction with Jupiter on 24th while Mars opposes Taurean Uranus. So appreciate the luck and fortune that presents itself but only to those who truly see!

The new moon on the 26th brings new beginnings as Venus moves into Capricorn, so have fun for the last few days of the month. There is a meteor shower known as the Taurids which sends shooting stars radiating from Taurus so look to the South after midnight from the 20th October to 30th November

Enjoy !

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