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Author Jacqui of Earth Spirit Crystals

Have you ever truly thought about the characters you meet every day, as you go about your business?

You know in this world as you meet and see others who are friendly, shall I say, and you also are aware of those who give you the shivers so to speak.

As we discussed recently during the Aura Workshop I held at Earth Spirit Crystals in Nuneaton, we should protect our own chi/energy and not give it away or allow it to be taken from us. Life throws many challenges at us and with this our energy glass is almost always half full. We all, at every level of spiritual development, must work every day to refill this glass and to restore our own energy by various treatments and practices.

We need to thoroughly live in the now (the moment), not descend into the past or future too much as, by doing this, we miss the opportunities of the now and truly seeing. ‘Remember to live to total fulfilment in the now, every moment, or else you will never know you are in the now until it is too late; because if you are remembering the moment then it’s a memory already and you missed it!!’

I bet you can think of the people who you feel lift you in their presence and make you feel good and others who make you uneasy or feel worse. Others who work or live in the light harvest their light and energy directly as you do but, some just take your energy.

Without the ability to identify who lifts you up and who brings you down, how can you grow, progress, move forward and develop?

Got you thinking? Feed your soul and develop – join in with many of the treatments, sessions and workshops etc taking place throughout the year.

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  1. Fran says:

    I’ve been to earth spriit crystals and had a number of treatments which, have all been wonderful and beneficial to me.the ladies that work there are all lovely too!

    1. EarthSpiritCrystals says:

      Hi Fran thank you for your lovely comments. Kate x

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