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Junes Strawberry Full Moon

In ancient times different groups of people used seasonal terms to name celestial happenings, the June full moon which took place on the 17 June 2019 is known as a strawberry moon, given its name by tribes as it rose in the sky during the time of wild strawberries being harvested. Sometimes the June full moon is also referred too as a rose moon this is because at this time all the roses are in full bloom so Europeans named it a rose moon. The June full moon can also appear reddish in the night sky hence the descriptions due to its colour.


Seasonal fruits and vegetables to help create the correct energy synergy within-

Many types of fruit and vegetables adorn the supermarkets and market stores from all corners of the globe and many available everyday of the year!

But we should look at these as being part of nature just as we are and so there is a energetic connection to them. Like Bach Flower Remedies and flower essences I use and work with these fruit and vegetables have a energetic signature and as such can help heal our bodies. As I continually say to clients and students alike everything is energy.

So the growing environment, weather, watering, feeding, energy of the day and time planted, harvested etc all determine the fruit or vegetables energy so essence. Ones which take their time to grow like fruit upon a tree absorb more energy than those of a quick growing variety.

My grandmother always promoted eating in season fruits and vegetables, so think about whats growing currently, look to the essence of your food, where, when and how grown and harvested and simply how long it takes to grow to find the right food essence needed for you, listens to what your body needs.

Fruits out of season, or forced, do not hold the synergy of energy as nurtured in nature the soil and the sun and a time they naturally harvest.

In certain places of the globe where you live determines a diet of fish if near the sea for example, but also if its not growing naturally we didn’t need to eat it at this time. My grandmother always said strawberries were not meant to be around all year, appreciate them when nature naturally produces them, NOW is the time to harvest your strawberries! Enjoy !

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