In the Highest Good

Everyone has needs and desires. It is natural to want things. But just because we want pretty things, wish for a new job, or hope for positive changes in our lives, our desiring them doesn’t mean getting them will make us any happier or, help us raise our consciousness.

The phrase “for the highest good”, means that inside ourselves there is a power that better understands what serves us best. Many people have been taught to ask only for what they want IF it is for the highest good.

Just be warned though, that when you ask for your highest good to be served that you might be surprised by what you get. Remember a lucky dip you pay a £1 for, not knowing what you will get, but hoping for something better. But was it? Would you have spent your £1 if you had known in advance what you were actually buying?

Not all surprises are delightful. The Universe gifting you, for example, a big bag of laundry which needs sorting, pre-treatments for stains, elbow grease scrubbing on other items, then hanging out to dry, and then ironing and folding before you put them away neatly?

Some of the best gifts The Universe hands over to us can have not-so-fun surprises hidden in them. Not-so-fun isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. Those highest-good answers to our prayers can involve a lot of work. There are likely “issues” that need clearing or “lessons” that cannot be learned except through difficult situations. Spiritual lessons are vast, they can test us to the very limits of our human frailties. All for the highest good.

So some may try the phase, “I ask for this or something better”. Why limit what you can receive by asking for less when something better or more valuable can be received? Simply because we cannot think of bigger dreams in our minds, this shouldn’t block us, from receiving them?

So you aren’t really sure what you are asking for is right for you. Are merely using the words “something better” as an insurance policy that you will get everything that you have come to you? Are you prepared for getting more than you could possibly ever imagine? The words “be careful what you ask for” comes to mind.​

Another you might use is to never ask for anything as such but simply trust that all our needs will be met and taken care of without asking. The highest good knows best, so there is no need to ask! Perhaps this is the best way?

But one thing is our words and meanings won’t get jumbled up, fouling up any intentions for us if we simply trust. But know that all words and thoughts have power so be responsible with them and what you put out there towards yourself and others. We have 300 thoughts a minute it has been proved in science so, make them wonderful ones with good intentions always and the universe will respond.

Author Jacqui of Earth Spirit Crystals

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