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How to talk to those who do not speak, animals, human and more?

Most of the time someone can tell you what’s wrong but what about those who cannot. This might be a place, an animal/pet or even a person.  They can tell you all, but all you have to do, is simply tune in!

I always ask permission before I enter anyone’s or any place’s space, and I further ask if I can help? Once I have permission I can then use my dowsing tools (pendulums and rods) to ask questions about the problem and a dialogue between us begins.

With my pendulum or rod in one hand, I usually move my other hand over the body if they are present, as this can also be done remotely. Once permission is granted, I would then dowse using lists, anatomy charts etc.

What I am doing is homing in to the location of the disorder. I prefer also to start not knowing anything other than the basics of age, sex, name or address if map dowsing. This way I work with a clean slate.

Over years of dowsing I have built up a vast knowledge in not only dowsing, but anatomy and physiology too, of all and putting these together with bach flower remedies to engage mood/demeanour, I access the lists, maps and charts waiting for responses from my dowsing tools. Once the problem is pinpointed I again access the lists for the best medication, solution etc needed to remedy the situation.

With remote healing I use what is called a witness, this is a sample of fur, hair or even a photograph (or even a diagram of a house or map) which connects me with the person, animal or place and we mentally link up.

I use extensive check lists, maps, charts, skeletal muscle and organ diagrams etc. If I find a problem, I will then ask what treatment/action would be beneficial?

The world of energy is huge including detrimental energy or geopathic stress this can be from historical things like a battle taking place in the area, or it can be where water crosses under points and becomes stagnant or even where man made interferences are affecting us. All can be tapped into.

So if you want to know more you can have a remote reading, or in person, or if you are interested in finding out more about dowsing join in one of my many dowsing workshops.  Jacqui of Earth Spirit Crystals

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