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Health Benefits of regular treatments


Written by Jacqui Bailey

Regular massage is said to have a whole host of health benefits. Now with a growing body of research supporting this, it can help with a whole range of conditions including, reducing stress levels, fibromyalgia, lower-back pain, and can even lower your blood pressure.

Having regular massages can help to reduce stress as well as boost energy levels and reduce pain. It can also help to lower blood pressure. In some long-term studies, consistent massage therapy can reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It can also reduce anxiety and depression triggers.

Along with reducing stress and blood pressure, it also promotes muscle relaxation for tense areas and can increase flexibility. It can also help improve circulation by using hands-on-pressure, which moves the blood through the congested areas of the body. This then releases new blood to flow into tissues.

Furthermore, it can help improve posture by allowing the muscles to relax and loosen made tense by bad posture which allows the body to position itself to its correct posture.

And finally, … It is relaxing!

When the body is tense and under pressure, the body produces a stress hormone which can contribute to weight gain, sleeplessness and headaches. Regular massage can help reduce these bad hormones and the body can enter a recovery mode which triggers feelings of relaxation, improved mood and reduced stress levels.

So whether you love Reiki, Thai foot, Japanese Rejuvenation Face Massage, Crystal Healing or the many forms of massage we offer find your regular intervals for your well being, bi-weekly, once a month you owe it to yourself and your health. Then simply when the going gets tough have a few more treatments possibly once a week to help and assist you through then return to your rhythm of well being.

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