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Author Jacqui of Earth Spirit Crystals

What do you accredit your well being too? Do you just, like I do, as a therapist utilise a time tested tool kit? My tool kit involves years of study, qualifications, diversity, experience, different methods & therapies and different tools.

So how is your lifes tool box doing?

Therapies and a strong network of support are vital for all life’s challenges. It seems today we are losing the art of talking, even communication and in some cases family.

Unresolved trauma can hold us back and actually stop us from realising our true potential. Actually, using a means to work through any issues caused by these traumas, like having therapy helps. Even someone who sits and listens and makes you that lovely cuppa, it all makes a difference.

Whether a trauma such as anxiety or depression and many more, which life has thrown you, can all be managed and helped by talking with friends & family or even having therapy or coaching.  Sometimes have you ever felt depleted in someones presence or just felt although you needed to talk, no one is listening, or that a so called friend (or even family member) does no more than constantly turn the conversation or situation in to something about them! Ring a bell? As we manage and change our own energy, we take responsibility for how we want to feel and what we want from life, believe it or not some people leave our life circle as our energy grows more positive, more abundant etc. As we find the tool to help us maintain this, our energy changes, and we can cope with life’s up’s and down’s, we just need to find our tool.

For some it is a therapy, having a monthly treatment or coaching/mentoring session, for others it may mean, during life’s challenging times, a weekly visit is needed. All this aids in creating a coping strategy to develop, which will then help you get by when you are struggling.

Some monthly meditation in a group like ours at Earth Spirit Crystal, then practising at home helps bring in the calm, clarity and peace.

This is why I believe your toolbox, therapies etc are so important, so pop in have a chat and even have a cuppa and lets work together in the better good for you and all.

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