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How to talk to those who do not speak, animals, human and more?

Most of the time someone can tell you what’s wrong but what about those who cannot. This might be a place, an animal/pet or even a person.  They can tell you all, but all you have to do, is simply tune in! I always ask permission before I enter anyone’s or any place’s space, and …

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What September Energies and heaven have in store for you

A meeting of Mercury and Mars and the best views of Neptune in the skies are all lined up for us this September. We have a super new moon on 30th August 2019 this can create storms within and out, and literally bring geophysical stress up until the end of 2 September 2019. It’s important …

Health Spiritual

What can you expect this July as both the New and Full Moon this month hearld Eclipses?

Eclipses, of which, we have two this July are powerful and dramatic, they can bring about twists and turns, challenges and shifts. Change happens around these, which can catch you by surprise. They give you the opportunity to heal and clear all old energetic debris. Although we will not see these here in the UK …