Imagine a room filled with beautiful, crystals and gems of all shapes, sizes and colours. Tranquil music plays in the background and the smell of frankincense wafts through the air.

You don’t have to imagine this anymore as here at Earth Spirit Crystals Shop and Holistic Centre in Nuneaton, you can experience this for yourself.

Ever since we opened in February 2013 we have created a peaceful space where people can meet, chat, share their spiritual paths and receive holistic treatments.

The kettle’s always on and you’re more than welcome to join us for a cuppa (tea, coffee or herbal) and maybe try out some of our wide range of oracle cards - there are more than 50 sets to choose from!

Have you ever heard the resonant sound of a Tibetan Singing Bowl? They almost hum after being struck with the striker, their harmonic vibrations work subtly with your body and chakras, bringing them back into alignment and working towards optimum health. Many different sizes and types are here, you’re welcome to try them.

Fancy a spot of dowsing? Jacqui Bailey runs regular workshops including how to dowse with pendulums and rods. Both methods produce excellent results and there are so many pendulum types here to choose from - metal, glass and crystal. We also stock the copper dowsing rods.

Kate offers Spiritual Mentoring - helping you to discover self worth and love.  Learn how to put yourself first and you will then be ready to deal with life's challenges more effectively.  We can't work from an empty vessel, fill yourself up with self love.

Looking for a special gift, something a little different? We have items to suit all ages from fairies and unicorn themed ornaments for the little ones, angel statues, dreamcatchers, candles, incense and, of course, crystals in every shape and size. Why not treat yourself to a stunning Himalayan Salt Lamp? When lit these glow a wonderful shade of orange and have many health benefits attributed to them such as balancing electro-magnetic radiation, improving indoor air quality and soothing allergies. We have many different sizes and shapes of lamps including abundance bowls and natural shaped lamps chipped from the salt caves of the Himalayas.

Through the expertise of our therapists, you can experience a wide variety of holistic treatments such as Reiki, Aromatherapy, Bowen Therapy, Spiritual Mentoring, Seichem Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Lymphatic drainage and much more.

Past Life Regression helps you understand where your spirit has been before. Evenings of Clairvoyance are held on a regular basis along with an Open Circle Group. Our great team of Mediums are available for private appointments to share their readings and messages with you, from beyond the veil.


We send out a monthly newsletter, in which you will find offers, vouchers and advice on what will be happening at the Centre.  If you would like to join then please use the following link.